filling pike brewing glass with pike brewing beer from a tap

Pike Brewing

Ethan Stowell Restaurants is a proud partner of Pike Brewing and their newly opened Pike Fish Bar in Post Alley and Pike Taproom in Ballard!

Chef Ethan teamed up with Pike Brewing's Chef Gary to assist in the development of the concepts and menus. Enjoy the options ranging from Fish & Chips to PoBoys, Wings, Burgers, and more!

If you've missed the ESR pickle fries, you can find them at Pike Fish Bar, paired with the special pickle aioli. You can also enjoy Pike Brewing Beers at all Seattle area ESR locations.

pike brewins seattle beer in branded glass with a dish of fresh pretzel and a dipping sauce
flight of pike brewing seattle beers
pike fish bar ordering counter
flight of pike brewing seattle beers with a dish of hot wings and ranch dipping sauce
mans arms reaching into the frame to grab a pike brewing seattle branded glass filled with beer