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Overhead photo of long dimly-lit dining room with communal table
Overhead photo of long dimly-lit dining room with communal table

Hey Neighbor

We believe in the neighborhood restaurant. A place you go before a movie, or after your shift ends, or whenever you want fantastic food, stellar service, and a reasonable bill. We may not be in your neighborhood (yet), but you’re always our neighbor. Drop by anytime.

Vespa scooter parked in front of Tavolàta restaurant

Our Beginnings

Ethan Stowell Restaurants started with the launch of Union in downtown Seattle in 2003, which quickly garnered praise for its simple and elegant menu. Additional properties followed, including the pasta-focused Tavolàta, delicately-plated How to Cook a Wolf, and neighborhood pizza joint Ballard Pizza Company. Over time, ESR properties became known for their dedication to unfussy sophistication and comfortable dining, with a steady supply of accolades from regional and national organizations. Today, ESR covers 12 unique concepts and over 20 locations, along with corporate partnerships with Seattle Mariners Baseball and other brands, while continuing to give back to the neighborhoods that host us.

group gathers around table enjoying food and conversation

Our Mission

"We believe that the world is a better place when we gather around a table."

At our heart, we are here to serve our communities with food for the body and human connection for the soul. Ethan Stowell Restaurants will always strive to set a place at the table for everyone. In service to our guests and our team - we aim to create shared environments and experiences that turn neighbors into friends and neighborhoods into communities.

ESR Team walking through wetlands at a volunteer event

Our Vision

"At ESR, we are led by our values as we grow our operations, strengthen our teams, and elevate our team members. We strive to advance the culture and foundation of the restaurant industry through thoughtful and strategic leadership, a growth mindset, sustained performance, open doors, and opportunities for all. What we create today serves our teams and community of tomorrow."

Ours is the everyday work of providing hospitality, embracing fun, and continuously improving the lives of those around us. We create future growth through commitment to our individuals and we create community through service to the neighborhoods which we call home.

Chef Ethan Stowell holding two plates of burgers and fries

Our Values

  • Caring for people and having fun
  • Knowing, celebrating, and investing in the individual
  • Developing and promoting diverse and inclusive teams
  • Having pride in our homes
  • Celebrating our neighbors
  • Investing in our community through our actions, our means, and our partnerships
  • Utilizing long-term goals to grow individual concepts as well as our brand and team as a whole
  • Opportunity, tools, training, and space for the professional development of every team member
  • Accountability to ourselves, our team, and our community
  • Culinary simplicity with pride in our product and methods
  • Active participation in pushing the restaurant industry toward a balanced, inclusive, and positive direction
  • Be the restaurant group others want to model themselves after
  • Be the best mentors and members of our restaurant community that we can be

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We like to have fun with each other while taking pride in our work and serving our guests and our community. If you are not just looking for a job but a place to build a career, then we are here for you.

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