Close up photo of a bowl of golden biscuits topped with a cajun gravy and fresh herbs

B's & G's with Hey Danie Bakes!

Danie Baker, The Seattle Times recipe columnist, winner of Top Chef Amateurs, and the mastermind behind Hey Danie Bakes!, joined Chef Ethan Stowell in the kitchen to school him on her famous biscuits and gravy recipe, aptly named B's & G's. We're talking about one of ESR's favorite foodies here, so we jumped at the chance to collaborate in a biscuit-making bash!

Danie spent years honing her B's & G's recipe, all in an attempt to impress her now-hubby with her kitchen skills.

"I wanted to impress him by making it for him one morning but utterly failed. The gravy was too salty, and the biscuits were hockey pucks. But I was trying to woo him, so I worked on this recipe for years and wanted to make it my own by putting my Southern twist on the gravy, and sprucing up the biscuits. Fast forward 13 years later, and now I have a restaurant-worthy recipe!"

And, you know what? We couldn't agree more! This recipe is so good that we couldn't keep it to ourselves. We're excited to share it with the entire ESR family by bringing it to The Victor Tavern Brunch Menu in South Lake Union for a limited time!

Hit the links below to watch Danie & Chef Ethan recreate the dish on Instagram, and book a table during Weekend Brunch at The Victor Tavern while supplies last!

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Hey Danie Bakes & Chef Ethan on Instagram

Danie Baker and Chef Ethan Stowell holding a bowl of Danie's biscuits and gravy